What is a Psychotherapy Intensive?

Intensives are personalized programs designed to get you on the right track in a short amount of time.  What can often take months to accomplish in traditional therapy, intensives can achieve in a matter of days.  Although an intensive is not a “silver bullet,” it can set a solid foundation for your healing  journey.

The process begins with a comprehensive intake where we learn everything we can about you and your needs.  Together, we assemble your treatment team,  and put together a plan that will best meet your goals, budget and timeframe.  Our intensives run anywhere from 2-7 days depending on your specific situation.

Next, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.  We provide support, tools and skills.  You will meet with your clinicians anywhere from 3-6 hours/day.  As your intensive comes to a close, we provide you with a comprehensive after-care plan that includes follow up appointments.  We will check up on your progress and provide support as needed. 

If you are coming from outside the greater Los Angeles area, we make it a point to work closely with your therapist before and after your intensive.  If needed, we will also help you find a clinician in your area that can support you in achieving your goals.


What Intensives do you Offer?


Relationship Rescue

Whether you’re in the midst of a crisis or stuck in a hopeless cycle with your partner, this intensive can give you the momentum you need to make big changes in your relationship.  Usually spanning 3-4 days, couples are given support, tools and focused attention, allowing them to get back on their feet after a crisis and face issues they have long avoided.   This intensive is right for you if:

  • You have recently experienced infidelity and don’t know how to pick up the pieces.
  • You are ready to divorce or separate but want to give it one last try.
  • You’ve tried couples therapy, but no matter how much you’ve worked on your relationship, things don’t change.
  • You are in a sexless relationship and don’t see a way to reconnect.


Sex or Love Addiction

This intensive is ideal for clients looking to jump start their recovery and break free from the cycle of addiction.  In this concentrated, highly-structured program we will help you stop the addictive behaviors, gain insight and learn specific skills that are vital to your recovery.  

This intensive is right for you if you struggle with these or any other issues of compulsivity related to:

  • Cyber-sexual behaviors
  • Internet pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Repeated Infidelities
  • Strip Clubs, Escorts, Massage Parlors
  • Problematic or toxic relationships