What is a Recovery Coach?

On its own, psychotherapy doesn't always provide enough support in navigating the ups and downs of early recovery.   Addiction is a disease of isolation; learning how to connect with others is the key to sustaining sobriety. Going back to school, changing careers, grieving the loss of friendships along with developing new relationships are just a few of the challenges faced in early sobriety. We work closely with coaches that are trained and knowledgeable of the recovery process in order to support clients no matter where they are on their recovery journey.



What Does a Recovery Coach Do?

A recovery coach helps individuals overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of a life filled with hope and purpose through a combination of: intensive life skills support, crisis prevention, relapse prevention, psycho-education and case management support.  Coaches meet with clients one to three times per week depending on the level of support needed.   Locations of meetings vary (e.g., person’s home, 12-step group, coffee shop, hiking trails, beach, etc). In addition, recovery coaches are available by phone throughout the week. This service alone can help prevent relapses and supports individuals with crises that come up in between sessions.